Sherwood Wild Activities Tour (SWAT) is a group of 7th and 8th grade students who want to help make a difference at Sherwood Middle School and in the Sherwood community.

Our primary job is to help and encourage new students, especially the 6th graders, in a new school environment. At the beginning of each school year, SWAT team members work with 6th graders on their first day by taking them to meet their teachers, going on school tours, and having fun all at the same time!

During the holiday season, SWAT helps coordinate the Helping Hands Food Scavenger Hunt. We encourage the SWAT members to form their own teams and go out into the community to collect food. Other students who choose not to participate are recruited to help count food, pack boxes, and then load the U-Haul. Yes, I said U-Haul! In 2010, we loaded a 17' U-Haul to its capacity!

In the spring, SWAT hosts a day for 5th graders to come and get a sneak peak at what middle school is all about. Students participate in get-to-know-you activities since it is the first time all of the elementary schools are together, meet and greet with the school counselors and administrators, tours around the building, and lunch in the cafeteria.

All students are encouraged to apply in the spring for the 2012-2013 SWAT Team. Below are the application materials students need to fill out to be a part of the SWAT Team. Application materials are due back to Mrs. Barrett by June 1st.

SWAT Team Application

Teacher Recommendations

SWAT Information Survey