6th Grade Language Arts Class Project

posted Jan 8, 2016, 4:23 PM by Jeanette Godfrey

In 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies classes this year, students have been learning about current events in the news for several months through NewsELA and Junior Scholastic. Specifically, they have read several articles about the refugee crisis in Europe and have asked what they could do to help.  As the focus of trimester one’s essays was on activism, when Miss Moffenbeier and Mrs. Love learned of the immediate need for refugee welcome kits in Greece, partnering with Medical Teams International in Tigard, they knew it was an important opportunity to incorporate activism with assistance. Together students created hygiene welcome kits for Syrian Refugees and through Medical Teams International mailed them to Greece prior to Winter Break.

 Some of the student quotes, reflecting on the project were:

 "It made me feel really good to help other people because I've never helped someone else in another part of the world before."

"I felt proud to help others because I have always wanted to make a difference."