Fun Sites to visit...


* Middleton Library fun sites

* Archer Glen Library fun sites

* Hopkins Library fun sites

* Edy Ridge Library fun sites

          Keyman and Bubble Typing Games – typing skill game

Only Typing Games - typing skills

Spelvin – spell words from jumbled letters

Text Twist – jumbled letter game

Word Up – spell words from adjoining letters 

Enrich – math games and puzzles    

Incredibots - build games, solve physics puzzles

Grammar Gorillas – grammar reinforcement

 Hangman – classic word/spelling game

Hangman (Science Vocabulary) 

Lemonade stand - Run your own business

Angry Birds  -Fun physics figuring game

Let It Flow – Fun timed puzzle game

 Hot Shot Business – Run your own business – comics, landscaping, pets, etc.  

Warriors - The New Prophecy Quest - based on the Warriors book series

Web Sudoku – Puzzling number game

QuizHub – quizzes, logic games

Jefferson Labs Games – Math and science games and puzzles.

NeoPets educational games – games to stretch your brain

Powder Game - Artistic and creative fun

Super Stacker - Puzzle with stacking various shapes.

* Poptropica - Virtual world