Angie Baxter

My Schedule
      A dayB day 
    1st     Study Hall Study Hall 
    2nd    6th Grade Math6th Grade Math
3rd6th Grade Math 6th Grade Math 
4th6th Grade Math 6th Grade Math 
5th  PlanningPlanning
6th 6th Grade Math 6th Grade Math     

Study sessions are every  Tuesday and Thur 7:20 to 7:50 
Other times and days can be scheduled as needed.
Use synergy and/or daily spiral notes and problems to help your student determine a specific date, assignment and/or class and HW problems to focus on.

ABSENT from school?
Come by class the very next morning to get any make up work or complete missed quizzes or tests.

Make Up Work
All work is due the next day unless a different deadline is provided.
1 day for each day absent is the school make up work policy.
Ex:  1 day absent = 1 day extra to turn in work or take a test/quiz for full credit.  Work that is not turned in on time will receive a 10 pt reduction in grade. 

NEED HELP with math at home?  These are sites we use in class. 
Khan Academy        Math Mashup            Youcubed               Kahoot                      Peardeck
Make a FREE account and search for the specific name of the topic you need.
**Videos, Practice, Study Skills ideas etc**

Too vague for search - rounding 
Good example - 6th grade:  adding decimals OR writing ratios OR how to make a bar graph etc
Too vague for search  - multiplying fractions
Good example - 6th grade:  multiplying mixed numbers OR prime factorization OR Least Common Multiple OR change percent to decimal etc