**Presentations will begin May 14th.  Partner signup day/time with committee considerations**

Student Teacher Project

Why:  Student leaders have identified areas for growth in student run committees.  Students will research a specific topic that was brought up as a growth opportunity and present a student friendly presentation that teaches, provides an activity and an assessment

Who:  You

What:  You will pull a Leadership Challenge Topic from the bowl.  This will be the topic that you will complete a lesson on for the class.

Where:  In class work only.  No outside of class work expected.

When:  Research and planning from now into January. (when you are not actively involved in your specific committee work)  You will self start each day based on committee requirements.

How:  Utilize the teacher provided process to complete this project successfully

Deadlines TBA – There will be several deadlines for submission of project progress

First Deadline:  December 8th/11th based on your meeting date for class.   Deadline 2 Deadline 3:

Part 1 - Personal Research and planning

Topic __________________________________

  1. 10 points:  Research 2 different sources “how to make a great presentation.” Write down all the information in summarized bullet points.  Site each source with the pertinent information, site name (URL) and the article name and date. Work should be neat and organized.     

  2. 10 points:  Research 2 different sources for your specific topic to present.  Use the same criteria from #1 for this research.

  3. Plan out your lesson with these parts

    1. 30 points: Objective (google how to write these)  and 3 main points to cover and the pertinent information for each point

    2. 10 points:  Visual to post in class (poster or ½ poster size)

      1. Eye catching, colorful, informative,

    3. 10 points:  Activity for Class/Teams/Partners to participate in that is fun and relevant

    4. 30 points:  Presentation format for google slides draft and finished slides

    5. 10 points:  Assessment of learning for class (5 questions – mixed format)

Part 2 - Student led leadership topic lesson to include a mini assessment (3 to 5 questions to show learning)

  1. 10 points:  Present to class with your partner. - Presentations will start on May 14th - Sign up by choice date

    1. 1 pt:  Complete a brainstorming session with your partner.  Merge the content from both of your drafts into a final student led lesson.   Presentation Plan/steps to follow when you are up front, Main points and supporting information(visuals/survey data/videos/posters etc),  Activity and Assessment

    2. 3 pts:  Complete final product of your presentation.  

      1. Will you use google slides, posters, document camera other?

      2. Include all required components from research/draft

    3. 3 pts: Presentation with partner (if partner is unable to present, you will still be required)

      1. 10 ish min - Go over objectives (main points) and cover the related information.

        1. Visuals/videos, survey data etc are used to support your main points

      2. 10 ish min - Activity

      3. Students take assessment (Students in the audience will receive a personal grade for their assessment results)

              d.   3 pts:    Prepared and organized for:  1. smooth start,2. lesson presentation, 3. activity,  4. assessment
**Presentations will begin May 14th.  Partner signup day/time with committee considerations**