Clara Moynahan
Sixth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Room 37

The classroom syllabus, calendar, and other handouts and information relevant to each class can be found on Canvas. Students can login with their email username and password.

If students are absent, they need to check Canvas before they return.

To be prepared daily students should bring:

An AVID ready binder
Their personal reading book
A charged Chromebook
Completed homework

The classroom library is full of books appropriate for a wide range of students. None of these books are assigned reading -- their personal reading book is their choice! Please work with your student to find the right fit for them and stay involved in their reading life.

I always welcome new additions to the classroom library!! If you're cleaning out your shelves at home and want to send books in, if you have a favorite you want to add, or if you want to peruse our library wish list, all books are appreciated.