Sherwood Middle School Physical Education

Course Expectations and Policies



Physical Education is a full partner in students’ overall education.  Our quality program will help students learn to accept responsibility for their classmates’ safety, assume leadership in team decisions, accept ethical responsibility for actions towards their teammates, and develop motor and sports skills to promote health and fitness throughout life. It is students’ interest, enthusiasm, and participation that will be the key to their success in the PE program at Sherwood Middle School.



Grades will be based on the following:

1.      30%  Practice (giving best effort in daily class activities to prepare for assessments)

2.      50%  Formative Assessments (performance tasks, exit tickets, physical fitness testing, etc.)

3.    20 %  Summative Assessments  (written tests, applying rules, applying principles of training & conditioning, develop fitness plan, etc.)


Grading Scale: 90%  = Advanced

                         80 % =  Proficient

                         70 % = Progressing

                         60 % = Emerging

                         0-50 %   = Insufficient Evidence

                        Blank in gradebook = No Attempt Made


  1. Daily Behavior Expectations:

A.    Being on time to class and in roll-call spots on time

    1. Dressing down completely and appropriately in their own clothing
    2. Participating fully and positively in all class activities
    3. Being respectful to teachers and classmates
    4. Practicing appropriate safety behaviors
    5. Giving their best effort to prepare for assessments


  1. All students are expected to dress down daily in appropriate athletic attire in order to participate. This cannot be the same clothing that was worn to school. PE gear is available to purchase through the main office.  Cost is $15 for shirt and shorts.  If you choose not to purchase PE gear through the school, students will be required to wear athletic shorts or sweats (no buttons, zippers or any other hard materials) and a T-shirt. All clothing must meet the SMS dress code.  Do not wear clothing that belongs to someone else! If for any reason you do not have your PE uniform, PE clothes are available for loan. Students will also be required to have athletic shoes that are appropriate for running, jumping and other physical activity.


  1. Students are to follow the SMS dress code.


·         Student guidelines for dressing appropriately:

All clothing needs to be worn appropriately. Students will not be allowed to roll their shorts down at the waistband or tie their shirts in a knot front or back. All students must have their short’s waistband sitting over their hipbones and t-shirts should not be ripped.




1.      Without an excuse note, a student well enough to attend school will be expected to dress down and participate in the P.E. class to the best of his or her ability.  Students who choose not to dress down will not participate.  Please send a note with your student if the student’s ability to participate in PE will be limited in any way.  Students who are unable to participate fully may be given a separate assignment to complete in lieu of an assessment.


2.      In the case of a prolonged illness or injury (more than 3 school days), a doctor’s note is necessary in order to excuse the student from those physical activities which the doctor deems necessary.


3.      Students are responsible for making sure they have locked all personal items in their lockers before leaving the dressing room.  SMS is not responsible for any stolen items.  Do not give out your locker combination to anyone!


4.      Students are to remain in the locker room after class until the teacher has dismissed them.  If this policy is not followed, consequences for skipping class as outlined in the student handbook may be enforced. 


5.       Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the gym or the locker rooms.


  1. Students should not wear jewelry during class.


  1. No aerosol cans or glass containers are allowed in the locker room.







            Students who miss class for any reason, miss valuable learning opportunities and possible assessments. If a student misses class for any reason they need to check in with their teacher to obtain any missed information, resources, or additional help. If they missed an assessment, they will need to make arrangements to complete the assessment.





            If you have any questions, please contact us.


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