My name is Ms. Olson and I am a new addition to the 6th grade staff teaching Language Arts and Social Studies.  I come from Florence, Oregon and am loving the small town feel of Sherwood and look forward to getting to know the students and parents.

~Ms. Olson


Reading is a wonderful way to explore new world's, see new ideas and push ourselves to see and think about things in a new and exciting way.  Please be reading as it helps us in so many ways, not just an increase in vocabulary and ability to understand.  There are new horizons in books, explore one today!  Please be filling out your bookmark and reading at least two hours a week.

Students: In case you misplace your Scholastic News magazine or accidentally leave it at school when you need to complete the homework, there is a digital subscription available online by visiting www.scholastic.com/sn56 and then typing in the student code "sherwood2"