Social Studies Syllabus

6th Grade Social Studies 2017-18

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Units/Themes Covered

Geography - including Adapt, Depend, Modify

Early Humans - Agricultural Revolution

Mesopotamia - the first civilization

Ancient Egypt

Mesoamerica - Aztec, Inca, Maya

Ancient China

Ancient India

Materials Required Daily:

    Notebook paper, pens, pencils, chromebook. As you use up your supplies, you need to replenish them!

    Social Studies Spiral for notes.  

    Raider Organizer – or another effective way of organizing and managing your time.

Proficiency Requirements: Each student’s proficiency will be measured using the standards set in the nationally recognized Common Core State Standards, with a focus on the Sherwood School District Social Studies Priority Standards. We teach all the Common Core Standards, but “priority” standards are skills we will focus on in more depth.

Sherwood School District Social Studies Priority Standards:

Historical Knowledge 6.3:  Describe the rise; the political, technological, and cultural achievements; and the decline of ancient civilizations in Europe, Asia, and Africa prior to the Roman Empire.

Historical Thinking 6.8:  Analyze cause-and-effect relationships, including the importance of individuals, ideas, human interests, and beliefs.

Geography Core Standard 7:  Locate and examine physical and human characteristics of places and regions, their impact on developing societies, and their connections and interdependence.

Social Science Analysis 6.23:   Interpret documents and data from multiple primary and secondary sources (art, artifacts, eyewitness accounts, letters and diaries, real or simulated historical sites, charts, graphs, diagrams, written texts).

** In addition to social studies standards, we will be focusing on expository writing and informational text.

Grading Policy:  Grades are used to show proficiency on the nationally recognized common core state standards and progress toward earning an Oregon high school diploma.

Grades will be computed using three weighting categories:

  • Skill demonstrated (Summative assessments) = 50% of final grade

    • Summative assessments are given after learning and practicing a skill to the point  where students should be able to demonstrate proficiency

  • Skill demonstrated (Formative Quizzes) = 30% of final grade

    • Quizzes are given to assess progress toward proficiency

  • Practice/Daily Work (Formative work) = 20% of final grade

    • Class work and  activities while learning, practicing, and perfecting the skills being taught.

    •  No extra credit available

Late Work: Students will have one week after the due date to turn in any late work. After this time, the student can still turn in an assignment for feedback, but will not receive credit.

Options if homework is not turned in on due date: homework coupon (1 additional day) or attending lunch academy the following day (and each day after until homework is completed)

Interventions: Students are offered interventions when additional strategies are needed to help them achieve proficiency as determined by classroom assessments.

Extensions:  Students demonstrating advanced proficiency are offered extensions to address individual rate and level of learning. There are several extension activities posted on my website.

Category Label

Synergy Reporting

Generalized Definition



Meets all of the requirements of the grade level standard and can demonstrate understanding at a higher level of rigor based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.



Meets all of the requirements and demonstrates all of the knowledge and skills of the grade level standard at the appropriate level of rigor.



Meets the most basic elements of a given standard, but not all knowledge and skills embedded in the standard are demonstrated.   Demonstrates the essential knowledge and skills required.  Cannot demonstrate level of rigor called for by verb in the standard



Meets a few elements of a given grade level standard, but many required elements are missing and limited understanding demonstrated

Insufficient Evidence

0-59% depending on level of understanding

Student completed the assessment, but little, if any evidence of learning relative to the standard is shown

Parents: During the course of the year we will watch contextually/thematically relevant films/clips. If you wish for your student to take part in alternate learning activities you can email me at the beginning of the year or have your student choose to opt out at the time.