Sherwood Middle School

Standards come from  National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences.

8.2 Demonstrate food safety and sanitation procedures.

8.2.5  Practice good personal hygiene/health procedures.

8.3 Demonstrate ability to select use and maintain food production equipment.

8.4 Demonstrate menu planning principles and techniques.

8.5 Demonstrate professional foods preparation, methods and techniques 

I can read and demonstrate how to follow a recipe. -  

I can convert and adjust recipes to a new yield. -

I can identify and describe and describe the types and roles of ingredients in baking. -

I can demonstrate techniques for properly measuring ingredients. -

I can prepare different types of breads and grains. -

I can demonstrate the correct principles of cooking various proteins. -

I can demonstrate proper preparation of different produce items. -

I can identify the advantages of using different local and seasonal ingredients and their

properties for cooking. -

9.3 Evaluate nutrition principles and food plans.

9.3.2 analyze nutritional data

I can design and implement a meal plan using Myplate

I can choose healthy alternatives to enhance or alter a recipe

I can apply what I read on a food label to my diet

16.1 Analyze career paths within textile apparel and design industries.

16.2 Evaluate fiber and textile products and materials

16.3 Demonstrate fashion, apparel, and textile design skills

16.4 Demonstrate skills needed to produce, alter, or repair fashion, apparel, and textile products.

Essential Skills (ODE)

 9  (ODE  Essential Skills) Demonstrate personal management and teamwork skills

·         I can Participate cooperatively and productively in work teams to identify and solve problems.

·         I can Display initiative and demonstrate respect for other team members to complete tasks.

·         I can Plan, organize, and complete assigned tasks accurately and on time.

·         I can Exhibit work ethic and performance, including the ability to be responsible and