Jazz Band Audition Music
Below you may click on whichever player suits you.  There are three different tempos (Actually I added three additional slower "learning tempos for the melody and rhythm section files at the top of the right column).  If you are a Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Guitar or Vibes player, play along with the file with melody until you learn the song, and then play along with the no melody file to really test your skill.  For Bass players, drummers or pianists should play along with the files that don't include their instrument.   All songs have an eight count "count off" in the drums before any instruments start so that you may get your tempo.  Any questions?  Email me at mdyer@sherwood.k12.or.us

To restart the song, move the slider back to the left side and push the play button on the left side of the player.

Best wishes for great practicing!!

No Bass - 121 BPM

No Bass - 152 BPM

No Bass - 175 BPM

No Drums - 121 BPM

No Drums - 152 BPM

No Drums - 175 BPM

No Piano - 121 BPM

No Piano - 152 BPM

No Piano - 175 BPM


With Melody - 88 BPM

With Melody - 100 BPM

With Melody - 110 BPM

With Melody - 121 BPM

With Melody - 152 BPM

With Melody-175 BPM

No Melody - 121 BPM

No Melody - 152 BPM

No Melody - 175 BPM