Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can my student get their homework or missed work when they are absent? 

I will always post the homework and class work activities on my homework calendar, which can be found on my teacher website. If applicable, I will upload the homework document attachment or leave detailed notes on what students should be working on. Absent work will be collected for the student and they will have one extra day to complete their missed work for every day they were absent. 

2. How much communication can we expect to receive from middle school teachers? 

If you have any questions about your child's progress, please email me and I will respond within 24 hours. Conferences are a great time to connect and I hope to see you there! Back to School night will also provide information on our curriculum, school policies, events, expectations and grading. 

3. Are students required to complete at-home reading? 

It is my hope that students grow into becoming lifelong readers. I have found in the past that assigning reading minutes at home can negatively affect student interest in reading and it becomes homework or a chore to complete. Because of that, we make time for daily reading in class based on student choice or novel studies. The goal is that students get so engrossed in their book that they want to take it home and read it more! :)

4. How much homework will my child receive in Language Arts? 

Due to the nature of the subject of Language Arts, we will not have regular homework assigned each week. Often it will be assigned with regards to finishing work that was not completed in class. It may be assigned on occasion based on the unit of study, but there will not be a regularly assigned piece of homework in class each week. If a test is occurring, students will receive a study guide as homework at least four days prior to the test.