Advanced Literature Information

Advanced Literature is an elective class that will cover such topics classic and advanced literature,  independent reading and book groups based on interest level and choice, class discussions and Socratic seminars, creative and fictional writing, blogging and online publishing, author visits and field trips, creation of a class e-book of short stories and more. The goal of the class is to provide rich and meaningful opportunities to grow as readers, writers and thinkers in a fun and engaging way.

We'll be utilizing Google Classrooms this year for announcements, homework calendars, projects and more, so please be sure to check our Google Classroom on a daily basis for updates. 

Book Lists

I'll be continuing to add book lists to the class website as our units approach. For Trimester One, we'll be starting with a historical fiction book study using the novel Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan. Please have a copy of Echo by Thursday, September 7th. 

Grading Policy

Students will be graded on the following proficiency scale:

90 - 100% - (A): Exceeding
80 - 89% - (B): Proficient
70 - 79% - (C): Developing

Proficient and Exceeding grades are passing grades for this class; an overall grade below a 79% at the end of each trimester may result in being dropped from the class. 


It is important that students meet the deadlines established for this class as many units and assessments will be project-based and dependent upon timely completion. Students may not use homework coupons for projects. 

Student-based learning

Students will contribute to the design of projects throughout much of the year and student choice will be a central theme. Due to the advanced nature of this course, students will be reading literature that is above their grade and age level and many books read are considered classics but may not be age appropriate in some circumstances. I will communicate the book list home with families before any assigned reading; students are expected to share their book choices with parents for independent novel studies.