Creative Writing Course Information


Creative Writing is a class where students will take the next step as writers and learn skills and tools needed to grow and write creatively. We'll be writing a collection of pieces in various genres such as fiction, fantasy, poetry, historical fiction, non-fiction and more. We'll study good writing through the writing styles of other authors and mentor texts, and have the opportunity to share our writing, workshop-style, with peers to grow even more. Through discussions, revisions, mini-lessons and more, students will cycle through the writing process with each new piece and will maintain a portfolio of work for an end-of-the-year reflection. 

Student Expectations:

Students will need to bring their Chromebooks each day; writing journals (composition notebooks-- please have one at the end of the first week of school) will also be used and should stay in the class (or be brought back to class when applicable). Students should always have a writing utensil in addition to their Chromebooks. Students should be prepared at the beginning of class with their completed writing and completed assignments. Students will also be expected to create a specific Creative Writing folder on their drive to be shared with me throughout the year, and all assignments should be stored there. 


Students will be graded on the following proficiency scale:

90 - 100% - (A): Exceeding
80 - 89% - (B): Proficient
70 - 79% - (C): Developing

Proficient and Exceeding grades are passing grades for this class; an overall grade below a 79% at the end of each trimester may result in being dropped from the class.