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I wish I was welcoming you to Language Arts in Room 4. 

I miss you.

We do not have any directive about online learning or when we'll be back in school yet.  HOWEVER, I, of course, have some ideas in the meantime. These suggestions are all optional. None of this is required...yet. :)

READING: Read A LOT!  Hopefully you are enjoying your Literary Non-Fiction book you got on the 13th (if you were there that day).  If you know who is reading your same title and can try to connect (email?), see if you can talk about it together.

WRITING:  I know we are currently writing argumentative writing, and we'll come back to that, but for now - Do some CREATIVE writing. Here are some prompts:

  • Write a story about finding a secret passageway in your house/apartment

  • From the perspective of a pet that is delighted to have the whole family home all day every day, write a story about this whole thing (Covid-19 Pandemic).

  • Write a memoir capturing your 12/13 year-old feelings during this time. (When you are older, you will be glad you did.)

  • Write a FICTIONAL story about a family at home, with lots of dialogue, capturing the character of each person - how they say things, their mannerisms, etc. THEN, make something unbelievable happen (aliens show up, Dad turns into a spider, the dog can talk, etc) - but make it believable. (Google Magical Realism if this kind of thing is interesting to you.)

  • For more ideas, use this link to go to the Reedsy Plot Generator.

I would love too have you submit your stories to me with the subject line "Creative Writing" so I can read what you come up with. Maybe we can start a weekly writing contest as well! 

I encourage you to do the SSR report every Friday, but you are no longer required to during this time.

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Every Friday During Tri-3!

You do NOT need to scroll down further, 
unless you are making up a quiz or report from being absent.

Missed a Friday SSR Report, Weekly Wrap-Up Quiz or any Test?  
(Scroll down for information about missed work and retakes. Links are provided below the information.)

Friday SSR Reports: 
  • Used to monitor Independent Reading progress and to assess reading skill.
  • Done in class every Friday - One Main Report to monitor progress, then sometimes an individual in-depth Skill Report
  • If absent, do it as soon as you can - either from home or as soon as you get back to school. The links for this will remain unlocked, but will be timestamped.
  • I check reports on Fridays, and print out a master report every Monday.
  • It is your responsibility to to make these up in a timely manner. If you haven't submitted your update by the time I run the report, it will be too late to make it up for that week.

Friday Weekly Wrap-Up Quiz:
  • Used to assess the big ideas from the week
  • Done in class every Friday (or Thursday on short weeks).
  • If absent, YOU will have to make arrangements with me to make these up. Make-ups on these will usually be done after school, but other arrangements can be made. The links to these assessments will not work until your scheduled make-up time.
  • Formative Assessments - Quizzes, in class work, weekly reports - can NOT be RE-taken. These are meant to be a measure of your skill AS you learn. You will continually have formative practice and measures leading up to a summative assessment.
  • Formative Assessments need to be made up before the summative assessment is given for a unit. It is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements with me before it is too late. 
  • Summative Assessments - Most End of Unit Tests - can be RE-taken if student has demonstrated active participation in learning the material. Summative Assessments measure the sum of what one has learned through formative practice. It is given after you have had ample opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills being assessed. Since learning is active, a second chance to prove skill is reserved for students who have actively participated in learning and completed all required practice. Make arrangements with Mrs. Collins if you qualify to retake any summative that allows re-takes.

Langauge Arts MAKE-UPS  for missed work ONLY **************DON'T SCROLL DOWN UNLESS YOU ARE MAKING UP SOMETHING YOU MISSED.****************