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TRIMESTER THREE (Quarantine Edition)

All assignments can be found in CANVAS to keep things consistent while we all work from home. We will still be using Google Classroom to CREATE writing (it lends itself to me giving live feedback as students write) but those written assignments will be submitted in Canvas.   

Here, though, are copies of lessons and slides that may become unavailable on canvas as we go:

During Spring Break
WRITE!  This thing is so great! Follow the suggestions or just get ideas. 


Historical Fiction Unit

Book Report Project (BRP):
Writing about Your Reading

Completed Project DUE: January 17th

(No Homework Coupons accepted for big projects.)

Book Report Project Overview & Instructions

All Parts completed in Google Classroom. (Keep them there until all are finished, then we'll print!)

CLICK THE LINKS for information and examples for each part. Due dates in red.

  1. Book Jacket (with 3 relevant reviews) DUE as part of completed Book Report Project 1/17

  2. Table of Contents DUE as part of completed Book Report Project 1/17

  3. Novel Note  Click here for example: My Novel Note on The Outsiders Part 1: DUE Fri 11/15, Part 2: 1/17

  4. Novel Plot Summary Click here for example: My brief Plot Summary of The Outsiders DUE Wed 12/4

  5. Choice Topic 1 (Full multi-paragraph expository essay - Practice) DUE Mon 12/16

  6. Choice Topic 2 (Full multi-paragraph expository essay - Summative) DUE (we'll do this after break)

  7. Choice Topic 3 Click here for video: Choice Topic #3 (See lists on back of BRP Overview) DUE 12/20

VIDEO on lesson and instructions for Part 5 and 6 (taught on Thursday 12/5) If you were absent, watch this BEFORE working on your essays.

Q: How will this be graded? How do I get an A?        


Summative Essay Rubric

Book Report Project Rubric

See what novels everyone is using for their Book Report Project! Now you can collaborate with someone else that is using the same book, you can talk about common books, or you can get recommendations from peers about books you'd like to read. You're welcome.

Grammar -  The Unforgettables of writing!
Ten Writing Conventions you should NEVER FORGET!

Link to everything that was on here during Trimester THREE