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Unit FIVE: Weeks #17-20

Links to Quizlet Practice

Unit FOUR: Weeks #13-16

Links to Quizlet Practice

Link to Bowman's Class Quizlet Page - Use this link if you want to sign up and compete in the games with students from Bowman's class. You can race each other for highest score on the vocab practice games! (You CAN play without signing up.  However, if you want your scores to show in the ranking, then you do have to sign up.)

The SAT Vocab Word packets: NO Link These packets can't be shared on the internet due to copyright laws, however, if you were absent when I handed them out, I have one for you. Ask me for it. If you misplaced yours, there might be extra packets in the Extras trays. If not, you'll need to get the list from your composition book and look up the definitions.