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Trimester TWO: Literary Analysis Essays

Trimester ONE: Narrative Unit 

Memoir: September 
Here are the slides from class. I’m adding to them as we go, and may change things that I create ahead of time to reflect what I end up doing in class. You may use these as a reference to remember things we covered or to see what we did while you were absent. The Meerkat Slide is my bookmark to know where I am for that day, so if you are looking for something we JUST did, scroll to the Meerkat gif, then look above or below for the most recent slides.

Writing Tension & Suspense: October
Mentor Texts & Mini-lessons

The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

Monkey's Paw video - me  going over the technique notes (Like we did in class when we read it together.)


The Keyhole -  A Creepy Pasta Story (video)  A very short story with a twist. Includes foreshadowing that is just a seed that makes the twist work.

The Wait  - Former student's Suspense story with a plot twist  A very short story with a plot twist. Includes foreshadowing leading the reader in a different direction (red herring) to have an effective twist.

Powtoon video Elements of Writing Suspense - Goes over techniques we learned in class