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Trimester THREE: Writing POSITION papers

Modern Technology: Advancing Life as We Know It or Endangering It?
Position Papers to Fictional Narrative Position Stories

SLIDES from Class  with links to articles and videos

OVERHEADS from Throwback Week (May 15-19)
    - Wednesday 5/17 Writing a POSITION statement & supporting it with specific evidence
   - Thursday 5/18 POSITION statement to THEME - We're going to write a story
(Mon was Dystopian novels and SSR, Friday was Wrap -Up and Vocab Jeopardy Review.)


Blank Worksheets
    - Interview
   ****POSITION statement Exit Slip**** This is the narrowed down Position statement and specific evidence that supports it. This is the foundation of your paper. If this isn't worked out FIRST, you may and up with a story that doesn't meet the requirements. 

For Penny Task Essay - Go to Google Classroom. 

Trimester TWO: Writing Literary Analysis Essays

CER Worksheet/Graphic Organizer SIMPLE (portrait): Just one box for evidence, and one for reasoning. Break it down more simply to practice.

(Also see handouts under "Reading" for the notes we took on Theme, Point of View, Types of Questions, and Literary Elements and Devices. When writing your Literary Analysis, you will need to know what these things are.)

Trimester ONE: Narrative Unit 

Personal Narratives: November-December

Writing Tension & Suspense: October

Journalism: September, October