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Explore these different types of Spoken Word Poems. Email me links to one's you find or know about that you were inspired by or think I should share. I'd love to see them.  Or video yourself with your own Spoken Word Poem! 

Slides (including more examples) and handouts from class are on my Writing Handouts and Links page. <=Linked here.

If any of these links don't play or say they still need to be approved, find them on Youtube. Search the title and the poet. If you add "Spoken word" to your search, it might help.

Thinking About You

Thinking About You
by Mike Taylor
Listen for the Repetition,
the similes,
the words that rhyme,
the words that connect - the homophones, 
and the parts he says fast versus the lines he slows down to say.

YouTube Video

On Girls Lending Pens

by Taylor
This one sounds like it was written in a Shel Silverstein style. For every 4-line stanza, the 2nd and 4th line rhyme. 
THEN, listen to his spoken delivery. He doesn't just read it. 

YouTube Video

Oh, To Be Grateful
by Natalie Patterson
Choose one thing you think is important - something you want to remember yourself or have others remember. Say it in one statement. Then, use that as a title and an anchor to keep coming back to.

YouTube Video

Can We Autocorrect Humanity?
by Prince EA
Choose an issue. Present it poetically to make your message powerful.

Personal Experiences
Choose a personal experience - something you might write a memoir about. Go back to your writing territories and see what's there. Then arrange the experience into a poem to highlight the thing you learned through that experience. Sharing what we learned the hard way helps others see the lessons in their own lives.

YouTube Video

When I Was Thirteen
by "Vicariously Virginia"
On figuring out what it means to be beautiful.

YouTube Video

by Phil Kaye
On his parents divorce and his stutter.

YouTube Video

The Waiting Hour
by Asia Sampson
Being diagnosed and overcoming testicular cancer.

Literary Devices, Rhyming Schemes, & Structure
Listen to these as examples of how poets chose to structure their poems. Listen for the words they chose & what parts rhyme and what parts don't.
Listen for how the poems are performed - The cadence, the speed, etc.

High School 
by Floyd VB
*Structured by grade level
*Listen to the cadence of speeding up, then saying the next grade level, then slowing back down.
*Listen for the mad alliteration in the middle

The Lanyard 
by former US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins
(I think this one is so funny.)
Before reading his poem, he offers advice on tackling a bigger topic through a symbol or a simple image. 
*Notice his anchor: the repetition of the lanyard, and notice how he structures the contrast between his Mother's contributions to his entire life and "the lanyard" he gave her.

I Wanna Hear A Poem 
by Steve Colman

*Listen to the cadence 
* Listen for internal rhyme and assonance

The Loneliest Sweet Potato 
by Sabrina Benaim
(So sad!)

*Notice the interesting, unique structure she came up with!

I Can't Read 
by Lamont Carey
*Listen for the cadence he uses when reciting this poem. very different, and somehow it makes his repetition of "I Can't Read" more powerful.

Waiting for Someone 
by Lamar Jordan
*Narration at the beginning, then listen for the assonance, internal rhyme, and deep line rhyme.
* Also... the message! A homeless war veteran.

TEDTalk with Harry Baker (with 3 poems)
Funny, unique content, & talks about Poetry Slams

Poem #1: 59 (Love between prime numbers)
*Internal and deep line rhyme!

Poem #2: Paper People
*Alliteration like crazy!

Poem #3: Sunshine Kid
*Internal Rhyme
*Personification (sort-of)