Tom Curtis
Social Studies

Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 school year. 

                                                                                                        AMP opportunity #1:
In the link below you will find a list of challenge activities to choose from.  You may complete as many as you like and any projects you select may be done on your own pace and schedule.  If you prefer to work on them at home, that is fine.  Feel free to bring research materials to school and work on projects on your own time.  Feel welcome to make modifications to the projects to fit an idea you have.  Please let me know when you choose to begin a project and ask questions if you have any.

AMP opportunity #2:
Get the March 30, 2015  Junior Scholastic magazine from Mr. Curtis.  Find the story "Is That Really a Law?" and read about unusual laws all over the world.  Next, read "Are Video Games Bad for You?" which share differing opinions on video games.  Put the ideas together:  Should there be laws regulating video game creation and use?  Why or why not Describe your thoughts in a few paragraphs or create an electronic presentation.  Share with your classmates if you wish. 

AMP opportunity #3:
"Students should be allowed to use their personal cell phones and smart phones during the school day to enhance their learning and access to technology."

This topic has two differing viewpoints.  First, take either a pro (for) or con (against) position and explain in a 5-7 sentence paragraph your reasoning of why you believe the way you do.  Then, anticipate two or three counter-arguments which the other "side" would take against your position and explain in another 5-7 sentence paragraph why those arguments are invalid.  Finally, in a new paragraph of 2-3 sentences, repeat your most important reasons which you believe make your position correct.

                                                                      AMP opportunity #4:
Choose an independent study area of interest and follow these steps:

1. Select a topic
2. Develop questions
3. Gather information
4. Organize the information
5. Share the information

Should you wish to share your information to the class, see me to schedule a presentation.