Social Studies course syllabus

Mr. Curtis



This course focuses primarily on the study of regions and early civilizations, including 7 Elements which make a civilization.  The regions include Africa, Mesopotamia, India, China, and The Americas.  In addition, we study the five themes of geography, practice mapping skills, and utilize geography skills.

Specific concepts include:

                                        ·         understanding civilization

                                        ·         study of culture

                                        ·         impact of time, continuity, and change

                                        ·         study of people, places, and environments

                                        ·         structures of power and authority

                                        ·         global connections

                                        ·         civic ideals and practices



·         Homework will be assigned to practice new skills.  All projects, quizzes/tests, and in-class assignments will be graded on the quality of the work turned in.  Assignments will be posted on the homework calendar portion of my webpage for parents to know what work is done in class and what work will be homework.  The homework calendar is updated throughout the week and changed as needed.

·         Critical thinking skills developed through a variety of hands-on activities, rich discussion and projects.  Some assignments use rubrics and are differentiated for proficiency and mastery.


Late Assignments:

·         The Lunch Academy guidelines will be followed consistently for every graded assignment.

·         Assignments are considered late if they are not complete at the beginning of the class period.

·         Students who do not turn in an assignment on the due date will attend Lunch Academy the following day to complete the missing work.  Students will return to Lunch Academy until the assignment is complete.

·         Late work not accepted after the end of the trimester.



·         A student will receive full credit for assignments when he/she has an excused absence.  Students have one day for every school day missed to complete the work.

·         Due dates for tests, quizzes, and projects will be posted on the homework calendar online. Projects are due on the day the student returns back to school. Tests and quizzes can be made up after the student returns.

·         Absent students should refer to the homework calendar for missed assignments.

General Expectations:

·         The culture in the classroom is one of respect.

·         Students will be safe, respectful, and responsible.


Grades and Scale:

  A:  90-100

B:  80-89
C:  70-79
D:  60-69
F:  59 and below

Grades are updated regularly.  Parents and students should 

monitor progress using 

Synergy, Raider Organizers, and teacher webpage.