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Description of Program

Structured Learning Center (SLC)
Sherwood Middle School


    Hi, I am Windi Struck.  I am the licensed special education teacher overseeing the SLC program.  The SLC program is a highly structured learning environment for students with special needs. 
Students placed in this setting generally have developmental disabilities and/or severe physical and medical needs.  Students may be placed in the SLC classroom for all or part of their school day depending on their individual social and academic requirements.

    The program is divided into two parts:  Life Skills I and Life Skills II. 
The Life Skills I program focuses on  life skill routines and functional academics.  The 
main focus of the Life Skills II program is on academics with the secondary focus of aligning academics to life skills.  This typically includes community outings one day per week for both groups.  Community outings  provide excellent opportunities for practice, application, and generalization of learned skills. 

    Because all students have unique learning needs, all the programs are individualized
.   There is no one program that will fit every student.  Accordingly, we have excellent instructional assistants who work to support students in the SLC classrooms as well as provide support to students in the inclusion setting.  Data is collected daily, weekly, and monthly in order to monitor student progress and adjust teaching methods when needed.  Grading is based on individual expectations.  Trimester grades and IEP progress reports are given at the same time as the regular education trimester grades.

    Communication between home and school is very important and can be accomplished according to the preference of each parent. 
I feel very fortunate and blessed, a calling really, to be working with your children. 

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