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School is Starting!



We are so excited to have students in the building starting tomorrow!


Thursday, September 1: 6th Grade First Day & New Student Orientation

Friday, September 2: 7th & 8th Grade First Day

We will begin both days with Flight Time. This will change after the first week of school; our Flight Time will take place at the end of the day next week. 

Please view the special schedules for the first two days of school here.

PARENT PICK UP AND DROP OFF: Please follow signs and cones that direct the flow of traffic in the parking lots. Do not pull into the bus lane. 


September 1, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Please drop your student off in the front office, and plan to pick them up when orientation is complete. 

LUNCHES: Students may bring their own lunch or purchase a school lunch.  

Your student will need their Student I.D. number to access their lunch account. This can be found at the top of your student’s schedule. 

Funds can be added to your student’s account online via credit/debit card or ACH transfer, and in-person at the SMS Office. For online payments, parents/guardians will need to have an account through PayForIt.net. For information on setting up your PayForIt.net account, please click here.

For more information or assistance with Nutrition Services, please visit the Nutrition Services Department webpage or call 503-825-5009.

SMS PHONE POLICY: SMS requires all electronic devices (including cell phones & listening devices), to be put away during instructional time. Students should expect adults to redirect and restrict the use of any electronic device during any type of school activity. When the bell rings for class, or a student enters an instructional space, electronic devices should be silenced and put away

This means that these devices may not be used during:

  • Any class time, including:

Core classes – Science, Math, ELA, and Social Studies


All Electives

Flight Time

Flex Time

  • Assemblies and student performances during school hours
  • Other events during the school day

In the event of continued misuse of technology, a phone may be placed in the office for the remainder of the day. On the 3rd offense of the phone being brought to the office, the device will need to be picked up by an authorized adult and a phone plan will be put in place. 

Students are permitted to utilize cell phones & listening devices before school, after school, and during lunch.

Thank you for taking the time 

to read this important information. 

Archers, we will see you soon!