Winter Reading Challenge

Record the number of pages you read over winter break, December 18th – January 3rd. You can read what you like!!! Here’s how to make your own reading log: 

  1. Select ‘Make a Copy’
  2. Rename your document ‘your first & last name’s Winter Reading Log
  3. Fill out the log & email it to 

All logs received by 3:30pm Friday, January 7th will receive a prize! 


Scholastic Reading Club: Ordering books using Scholastic helps the Archer library! Orders are placed on or before the third Friday of each month, September through May (with the exceptions of December). Place your order online or by using the flyer and a check. PLEASE NO CASH. Turn flyer orders into the library. To place an order online, sign in and/or register at: For first-time orders, enter our school’s/class activation code: GX3NZ. With each order, your child receives a prize and a free book. Your purchase earns the library points to buy new books for its collection.


Do you want to participate in 2021/2021? Print your reading tracker here. Use any tracker that you like. Don’t forget to count your summer reading and all of the other reading challenge books.


Do you want to check out a book from the SMS Archer library?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log-in to Destiny.
  2. Go to the Follett Destiny Section
  3. Find Sherwood School District.
  4. Find Sherwood Middle School.
  5. Choose Log In in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. Sign in with Google. (FYI – your Destiny account user name and password are the same as your school Google account user name and password.)
  7. Search for the book that you want.
  8. If you are using Destiny Discover, simply click on the Hold button. If you are using Destiny Back Office, click on Details and then Hold It.
  9. Wait for an email informing you when your book is ready to be picked up. If you are unable to pick it up, other arrangements can be made.
  10. You can always email your requests directly to Mrs. Duncan at

My Destiny Account – click here for more information on your Destiny account.

Student Username: sherwms
Student Password: student

To view eBooks log into Destiny using the instructions above. eBooks should open without needing the username and password above.



Biblionasium is a GoodReads for kids. Students can keep track of the books they have read. They can share those books and their ratings, reviews and recommendations of those books.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “Login with Destiny”
  3. Find “Sherwood Middle School, Sherwood, OR” in your Destiny Discover collection
  4. Choose “Log In”
  5. Username and password are the same to log into your chromebook


Want to read an eBook? 
If your device can download an app, then you can read an SMS eBook on it. You can even check an eBook out and read it using Destiny!!




Username: sherwoodsd Password: oslis
Username: SHERWOOD Password: BOWMEN


Write a Review & Win a Prize

Write a book review that meets the requirements listed below in order to receive your prize.

1. Select a book that is in our library; and read it in its entirety.

2. Write a 3 -10 sentence paragraph with the following information:

· Summarize the book but do NOT give away the ending.

· Describe the story using descriptive words like: exciting, suspenseful, scary, hilarious, etc.

· Rate the book on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being horrible and 5 being the best book ever.

· Tell why you liked or disliked the book

(For an example, look at the Angel Experiment review on Destiny.)

3. Write it in Google docs and share it with Mrs. Duncan (

4. Remember we would like the review to encourage others to read the book.


Apply for a public library card online
Sherwood Public Library now has curbside hold pickup! Schedule your pickup!

The Sherwood Public Library Fiction Friends in a book club for youth in grades 6th-8th. Meet with a public library employee for this one hour program where you will get to know each other, talk about the book of the month, and enjoy an activity together.


Chromebook Trouble?

Click on link for information on how to receive help regarding your chromebook.


The Library TA Game

You should know how to reshelf books. Play the shelving game, Shelver, by clicking on this link or the picture of Twilight Sparkle to play the game.